Benefits of Self-pay versus Insurance

Many consumers are not informed of the benefits of self pay versus using insurance. Here are the top 5 benefits of self pay.

Using self pay means NOT having to submit a diagnosis for counseling to be paid. Having a diagnosis reported to the insurance company may influence insurance coverage in the future, especially if the insurance company has a pre-existing condition clause. Therefore life insurances and/or disability insurances as well as other future health insurances coverages can be negatively impacted.

Using self pay keeps you in charge of choosing and staying with the counselor of your choice. In the event that you switch jobs or your employer switches insurance coverage, you may lose your current counselor due to changes in coverage. You may have to change counselors each time your insurance company or coverage changes.

Self pay keeps your payments steady. Some insurances have high deductibles that you will have to pay out of pocket before your insurance coverage kicks in.

Using self pay empowers you to determine how many sessions and how often you see your counselor. Insurance coverage will vary, which determines how many sessions you will be able to see your counselor and how much of the cost per session will be covered.

Self pay means your info and progress with treatment will not be shared with insurance company employees. Insurance companies require information about your progress to justify coverage. The insurance company reviews your progress in therapy and ultimately decides whether you need more counseling and whether to pay for more counseling or not.


Accepting Cigna and United HealthCare Insurance